Godot 4: Day 1

I bought a course on how to make Godot games from GDQuest.com yesterday. It was 50% off, so I figured it was finally the time to pull the trigger and do what I’ve always wanted to do since I was 5 (over 40 years ago): Build a game.

8 AM

So, I’ve downloaded the course, I’ve got Godot running on my rig, and I have my coffee. The GDQuest course files have been backed up so I can share them with my kids.

2 PM

By the afternoon, I had managed to get through learning the syntax of GDScript (which feels like a mix of Python and JavaScript). I figured I would walk through everything that you need to learn, since there are always nuggets out there to learn.

I did a quick tutorial of assembling some final pieces of the game so I got a sense of where we are headed on this journey. It felt more like a level builder and less like actually writing code for a game.

GDQuest then had me start from a single sprite (a ship) and throw some basic actions on it. To be honest, what I got done in a single day with a tiny bit of code is way more than I ever got done in 3-days of messing around with code in previous years. I’m feeling incentivized to continue the journey.