Godot 4: Day 2

2023-03-05 | 7 AM

I’m back at it again after a night of watching one of my sons play hockey and playing some Smash Up with the family. I finished the first chapter of the GDQuest tutorials called “To Space and Beyond”.

Next, I watched Adam C Younis’ video on “How to Start Learning Game Engines and Development” just to get some perspective from someone that I think does a great job of documenting making a game. Adam has a YouTube channel and a Twitch stream. Watching that video, I learned about Processing.org – which I didn’t realize I had interacted with by using p5.js.

Adam C Younis – Super straightforward video today about getting started in game development

One thing to note is that Adam uses Aseprite to edit his sprites with layers, which is great to know because finding a program that another dev is using to make a production game involving many changes is great to know. Here is a link to his playlist on Pixel Art

8:30 AM

Oh man – I’m procrastinating. Got sidetracked on the whole Adam C Younis thing and reached out to my one teenager who is into art but not programming to share the channel. I’m still trying to figure out a way to help them see the path to having a successful career isn’t based in finding something that “pays a lot” but rather a blend of both what you are passionate about and something you can make a living at. And to note, I do have an art degree but I never had someone to mentor me in getting into the game-making arena. I’m actually hoping my artistic teen will be able to help me do some of the art for some of the ideas I have – that would be a fun collaboration. Time to get back to learning!!!

11:30 AM

Gotta call it quits for the day – but I made it pretty far along, working on showing a scoreboard that leveraged adding nodes dynamically. This all feels so familiar to all of the other work I’ve done over the years in application development, so I’m really happy to have some familiar concepts to lean on during this adventure.